Centsable Cowboys- Financial Literacy Volunteerism

Volunteers learn about Sammy Rabbit Has a Habit at OSU

If you are a financial literate, you understand money. You know how money works. You are capable of money management.  You are familiar with investment options. 

If this is you, YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU! Help spread financial literacy by teaching it in schools and youth programs.


WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Here are some Financial Literacy Programs:

Spring 2015 update: Sammy Rabbit Has a Habit is a new project we are launching on the OSU campus! This new program endeavors to teach children financial literacy at a young age. The mission of this project is to globally provide children, families, and organizations with strategic tools (ie. educational and entertaining) that encourage the multiplication of good habits, especially saving money. You can read more about Sammy Rabbit Has a Habit here.

If you are interested in serving through this program, please contact joyce.montgomery@okstate.edu


IN NEED OF SOME FINANCIAL LITERACY? Here are some helpful links to get you on the path to savings!


READY TO SPREAD THE WORD? Resources for teaching children about Financial literacy