Why did CORD Recipients Volunteer?

 Here are the reasons why CORD recipients enjoyed serving others:

To bring Happiness-(10 students)

They can see the direct impact of their service- (7 students)

To Help students succeed- (6 students)

To be an inspiration to younger children- (6 students)

To serve the underprivileged- (5 students)

It makes students feel like part of the Stillwater community- (5 students)

It’s their Passion- (4 students said this)

To give back to those who serve our country- (4 students)

It’s Inspirational- (3 students)

They can be a leader- (3 students)

It’s a principle of their religion- (2 students)

They can make a global impact- (2 students)

To gain job Experience- (2 students)

It’s Humbling- (2 students)

To be a positive example

To find Motivation

To teach young children

In order to meet people’s needs

It allows students to meet new people

In order to gain new perspective on life

They find it encouraging

They work to reach a goal

Service is challenging

Service is rewarding

Service is memorable

They can make a difference for those affected by cancer

It’s Fun

Students can give back to the university

In order to fight hunger